Services: Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

EPS provides some of the lowest monitoring rates in the business. Our partnership with monitoring companies allows us to monitor everything from a basic security system to complex environmental controls. Some of the benefits of our partnership include:

2 Way Voice Monitoring

This service allows an end user to speak directly to a central station operator over a hands-free microphone. This is especially helpful for end users that have limited mobility.

Alarm System Monitoring

By accepting most of the frequently used alarm system formats, Affiliated Central and EPS have the ability to monitor almost any system installed by any company.

Opening and Closing Monitoring

This type of monitoring ensures that your home or business system is armed when it should be. Every time a user arms or disarms the security system, a report is sent to central station and logged. In addition, central station can even notify you when someone arms or disarms the system outside of a predefined window of time.

Wireless Communication

Your system is only as good as the phone line it uses to dial an alarm. EPS can install UL-listed cellular backup devices that will ensure that your signal goes through. Affordable and reliable, these systems work when your main phone line doesn’t.

Internet Communication

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